"We call ourselves City Blossoms for a reason! Our name reflects the belief that much like architecture rooted in nature, floral also reflects this in everyday life."


We explore, expand and experiment with the endless variety of nature. We think innovative designs are only successful when the innovation is rooted in the natural line, texture, and color of flowers, trees, grasses, mosses and the unique environments in which they grow. In this way we avoid the contrived, the lifeless -- creating instead the authentic floral architecture.

At City Blossoms, we conceive and design a highly personalized service, and it is our pleasure to serve you. We are extremely proud of the work we do and fully stand behind all of the elements we provide for your life events. This involves not just our pride as designers, but an old-fashioned idea as well: integrity.

We are committed to doing what it takes to ensure you are delighted by your interactions with City Blossoms staff, your experience in the planning process, as well as the visual results of your overall floral and event.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with vendors whose standards measure up to ours. Even among that select group, City Blossoms has a reputation for being hard to please. Only fine quality items make an appearance at your event, reflecting your excellence in taste. Only the freshest and the most beautiful floral product will end up in a City Blossoms arrangement, underscoring your demand for the very best.


Inna Lipovsky & Karina GraninCity Blossoms was originally founded in late 1980's a family owned and operated company built on the fundamental philosophy that nothing is more important and sacred than personal relationships. This company started as a small shop in the lobby of 17 Battery Place but today has grown into a large floral and event company spearheading new technology and design idea, Each client and each event is cherished and given the utmost attention whether it is a small delivery of flowers to a loved one or a large gala celebration.

INNA LIPOVSKY, the proprietor and creative force behind City Blossoms started this company with limited resources. It was her passion and enthusiasm that infected everyone she came in contact with that helped her build relationships that laid the foundation for a successful business. Her clients were drawn in not only by her inviting smile and warmth but by the fresh and modern floral designs that had a distinct European flair not seen by many before.

Inna started her world renowned floral design career in the Soviet Union as an architect and an interior designer in the late 1970’s. With dual Masters Degrees in architecture and agriculture, she began applying her design skills to the world of floral décor and quickly became one of the leading floral designers in the former Soviet Union.

Throughout her career, Inna participated in various international and local florist competitions, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the European floral design arena. In the late 1980’s Inna founded City Blossoms in downtown Manhattan, thus bringing her European designs to a new American audience. Since its inception, City Blossoms has grown into one of the most innovative floral design studios in New York.

KARINA GRANIN, the other half of the mother- daughter duo, grew up in the world of floral design. Diverging from the family business, she embarked on a career on Wall Street after graduating from Columbia University in 2001. After spending three years in finance she was drawn back into the world of floral design and became a partner in City Blossoms. Karina’s business and marketing skills combined with Inna’s creativity have transformed City Blossoms into a large and powerful player in the industry.